Green Social Bench

Olea: smart elegance

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smart bench olea Green social bench
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Green Social Bench

Olea: smart and elegant

Green Social Bench assigns Olea, the smart bench with an elegant design and many user-friendly
technological elements.

Inspired by the coasts of Sardinia, Olea is the intelligent seat that embellishes any outdoor environment
by improving social life outdoors for both leisure and activities.


Green Social Bench

Olea: A technological olive tree

Olea improves communication and information thanks to the on-board technological services. The solar panel with the battery pack allows it to be positioned wherever you want, making it completely autonomous.

The USB 3.2 sockets allow you to recharge any device. The low consumption LED lights create a lounge atmosphere. Wi Fi both, in LTE and HiperLAN form, allow you to always stay connected.

The installed cameras allow you to show your outdoor environment and keep your Olea under control.
The SOS button connected to the security services keeps those who use your smart bench safe



energia solare

Solar panel

audio control

Audio Control Remote


Low consumption led lights

carica usb

2 USB 3.2 sockets

Green Social Bench

Olea: Self-sufficient

Thanks to the simple modular design and the incorporated technology, Olea is a social island in all aspects.

The solar panel in the upper part allows you to have no masonry work. Installing Olea in city squares, in the mountains or on a sunny beach becomes so easy Slide

energia solare

Green Social Bench

5 configurations 1 model

Thanks to its minimal and elegant design, Olea can be customized in every aspect, both in technology and in shape.

The seats (standard or plus) can be integrated, creating a personalized and smart social island always bigger and varied.

Additional elements

Personalize your Olea

Do you want the Olea Basic but don’t want to have a much wider seat? No problem

Each smart bench is studied in its design and in the technology on board to be implemented and
customized according to your needs

modulo plus

Plus Module

modulo standard

Standard Module

tasto sos

emergency button



carica usb

2 usb 3.2 sockets

Risorsa 8
Risorsa 10
Risorsa 9
Risorsa 11

Green Social Bench

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Green Social Bench


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