green social bench

Green Social Bench

A team of skilled
smart specialists

simboli smart bench le panchine inteligenti

Green Social Bench

The idea

simboli smart bench le panchine inteligenti

Green Social Bench is the first innovative digital start-up established in Sassari.

Born from years of specialization and experience in the information technology, telecommunications,
security and automation market, the Green Social Bench project
offers the public sustainable evolution of urban furniture and smart living, to better enjoy the social life of
the great outdoors

The Smart, Technological and Social project, born in Sardinia on February 17, 2016, gave birth to the
smart benches “intelligent benches” that embellish the outdoors, thanks to a wide range of user-friendly
technological services.



All smart benches are designed with full respect for the environment. Olea and Steel also have the ability
to be powered thanks to alternative energy



Each smart bench realizes the dream of an inclusive technology that places itself at the service of the
community to increase possibilities of aggregation and meeting outdoors



Much more than just benches: they are the sustainable evolution of smart furniture and a technological
lifestyle, enclosing many smart features

Marcella Onida CEO Green social bench

Marcella Onida


Graduated in Economics and Business (University of Sassari – IT), specialized in Enterprise Strategies. Master’s degree in Business Administration. Over 10 years of experience in the
telecommunications sector.

Giovanni Murgia


Computer expert with 25 years of experience in the ICT &  telecommunications sectors. Director of Tecnotel S.r.l.:  the company has to its credit 25 years of experience  and 10 years of ISO 9001 certification –  as well as ISO 14001 and 18001 – for installation and maintenance of electrical installations, telephone  extensions and data transmission, fire detection and security.

Giovanni Murgia CTO Green social bench
il team green social bench un team di esperti

La Nostra Squadra

The team is made up of skilled specialists in the telecommunications sector, renewable energy and
researchers from the university world, focused on the goal of developing our smart benches