Because it is a high-tech seat conceived to respect the environment: thanks to the shelter made by solar panels which power the technology, using alternative energy. It also provides low consumption LED lighting during the night hours. It is built using sustainable materials and has a low environmental impact because it is self-sufficient: you can freely position it in ANY environment - on a lawn, near a station or a bike path - without the need for buildings, network infrastructures or power supply.


Because it realizes the dream of inclusive technology, that trylu serves the community by increasing the ability to gather and meet outdoors. We wanted to make the typical 'break' time a real opportunity for true relaxation, where the possibilities for activity multiply and real/virtual world environments are integrated to give new value to our sociability.


Because it is a bench but much more: it is the substainable evolution of smart furnishings and technological lifestyles. In addition to sitting with protection from atmospheric agents, it provides the public with a series of multiple features: USB outlets for charging electronic devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LED lighting. Equipment can be added to the standard options based on needs. A variety of optional accessories, such as the sound system integrated into the public announcement (PA) system, a camera for video surveillance, geolocation with monitoring information... its technological heart is customizable, according to customers' needs.  

We thought of a strong “brand name”, able to graphically enclose several key concepts: the agora.

The agora is a symbol of “social” for excellence: it is the antique community space, the gathering, leisure, the rejuvenating break.

At the same time, the semi-circle also symbolizes the sun, which summarizes the main “plus” of the Green Social Bench, which is fed by solar energy. The fact that the agora is stylized with side by side to “checkered” pattern also serves as a graphic link to the photovoltaic panel.

The logo appears strongly characterized, very compact and graphic impact but it retains at the same time elegance and lightness.

c/o CUBACT Università degli Studi di Sassari 
Via Rockefeller, 54
07100 Sassari | IT