Nature meets Technology: steel (strong, versatile) for its structure, wood-slat canopy (renewable, biodegradable, adaptable, natural) for photovoltaic panels, concrete (recyclable and reusable) for outer covering. 

Designed and developed by Hedra, a Sardinian design, architecture and engineering firm

The bench is highly customizable and configurable: the dimension and design of its modular seats can be adapted to customers' needs; they can also be combined to create geometrical compositions.

It is designed to recall a juniper tree form evolved from the power of the wind. The materials used for its construction, also evocative of our island, reproduce the granite blocks often observable in the Sardinian landscape. We searched for an innovative design that products a pleasing impact but not too invasive. Green Social Bench wants to be 360 degrees green and tries in every way to use products and services from local economies. In developing the sitting area, we use a mixture of raw materials and/or materials typical and from the area of installation, so as to make a product to KM zero. Our smart bench aims to adapt the forms and colors based on the environmental context in which it will be installed.

Live a smart lifeenjoy our smart bench!

c/o CUBACT Università degli Studi di Sassari 
Via Rockefeller, 54
07100 Sassari | IT