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Sitting is not just enough: are you ready to connect to the future?

Green Social Bench provides two new technological benches that will make your destinations smarter places to visit, work and play.

Let’s see what Olea and Steel can do for you.


Our solar powered smart benches are built on sustainability with very low environmental impact since they use unlimited renewable energy sources that are economical, safe and good for the environment. The solar lighting system replenishes energy from the sun every day and does not produce harmful CO2 emissions.

Ultrafast Internet

They offer Wi-Fi on two separate bands – 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz respectively – in order to increase online access coverage and provide valuable information to the public (opening and closing times for any attractions – restaurants, museums, shops and car parks, etc…).

Your security is our priority

They are developed to increase public safety. A 24/7 surveillance camera (with real-time monitoring data viewed via special software), an audible warning or an SOS button for help can be added as options, for example. For a higher level of security, they also provide low consumption LED light during the night hours and internet access.

Smart design

Let your imagination run wild! Our smart benches are modular and as such compatible with the space, environment and style required by the client. They are also suitable for both valuable furnishing solutions and public spaces (tourist, cultural and commercial places).

Made to last

Build using strong, high quality, recycling-friendly and sustainable materials – from stainless steel to durable wood for longevity. Both are vandal and weather resistant: only the best for Olea and Steel.


Our smart benches are easy to install: Olea requires no wires or foundations, allowing it to be moved easily to another location. On the other hand, Steel is safely simply bolted to the ground so it cannot be moved by users and third parties.

Bye bye low battery

Have you ever walked around the city and noticed that your smart phone is running low on battery? Don’t worry: both Olea and Steel have built-in 3.2 USB ports for charging up to two smart devices at the same time. 

Working 24/7

Built-in batteries enable Olea and Steel devices to work when there is no sunshine, in cloudy weather or even at night. Energy is stored and always available to be used 24/7. Charge and connect your smart devices whenever you want.

Social hubs

Olea and Steel will act as magnets: they invite people to enjoy their free time while chatting and meeting other people, checking local info, recharging mobile devices or catching up on emails without fear of running out of power: virtual and real world environments will be integrated to give new value to our sociability. 



Green Social Bench is the first innovative digital start-up initiated in Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) according to the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development dated February 17th 2016. 

The knowledge and the skills acquired over time with technological partners and a vast customer base (PA, municipalities, agencies, hotels and so on) have been placed at the service of two innovative and multi-functional products: Olea and Steel, our smart solar-powered benches that enhance any outdoor environment by offering to the public user-friendly technologies to better enjoy the full potential of social life and the outdoors.


They are high-tech seats designed to respect the environment: we guarantee long building life, sustainable materials, energy-efficient LEDs and  flexibility of use.Thanks to their solar panels, depending on the model, you can freely position them in any environment – on a lawn, near a station or a bike path – without the need for buildings, network infrastructures or power supply.


They realize the dream of inclusive technologies that truly serve the community by increasing the ability to gather and meet outdoors. We wanted to make the typical ‘break’ time a real opportunity for true relaxation, where the possibilities for activity multiply and real/virtual world environments are integrated to give new value to our sociability.


They are more than simple benches, as they provide the public with multiple features: USB outlets for charging electronic devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LED lighting – just to mention a few. They are entirely customizable and offer a variety of optional accessories (e.g.sound system integrated into the PA system, video surveillance cameras, geolocation with monitoring information, etc.).


Graduated in Economics and Business (University of Sassari – IT), specialized in Enterprise Strategies.

Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.


Computer expert with 25 years of experience in the ICT & telecommunications sectors.

Director of Tecnotel S.r.l.: the company has to its credit 20 years of experience and 10 years of ISO 9001 certification – as well as ISO 14001 and 18001 – for installation and maintenance of electrical installations, telephone extensions and data transmission, fire detection and security.



The team consists of skilled specialists in the field of telecommunications, renewable energies and researchers from universities focused on the goal of developing our smart benches Olea and Steel.

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